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Nov 16, 2021

In this Episode, we talk about how the Ottawa Senators organization has been dealing or not so much with Covid-19 problems, Alexander Ovechkin still finding new ways to score for the Washington Capitals, and dig into finding who Rem Pitlick is on the Minnesota Wild.


Dennis Bernstein – Dennis Bernstein – Covers the Kings on “Kings of the Pod @DennisTFP
Scott Cullen – Maple Leafs Reporter at @torhockeynow Contributor @TheAthleticFS @mckeenshockey

Ross Levitan – Host of the Locked On Senators Podcast @RossLevitan
Graeme Nichols – Freelance writer covering the Ottawa Senators @6thSens

Trending Now: Ovechkin keeps scoring (2:10)

Scott Cullen and Dennis Bernstein discuss:

  • Who is Rem Pitlick
  • Why the Minnesota Wild are underrated
  • How Alexander Ovechkin keeps scoring
  • How far can the “Great 8” go?
  • Hockey Hall of Fame’s 2021 inductees:

Ken Holland as a Builder, Kim St.Pierre, Marian Hossa, Jerome Iginla, Doug Wilson and Kevin Lowe as players.

NHL’s all time goal leaders:                     

Games – Goals – Points

  1. Wayne Gretzky – 1487 – 894 – 2857
  2. Gordie Howe – 1767 – 801 – 1850
  3. Jaromir Jagy – 1733 – 766 – 1932
  4. Alexander Ovechkin – 1212 – 742 – 1346
  5. Brett Hull – 1268 – 741 – 1346
  • Joesph Woll’s first NHL Start and win, and what is his potential

Team Iso: Ottawa Senators (20:18)

Graeme Nichols and Ross Levitan breakdown the problems and exciting future:

Covid-19 rampant in Ottawa

  • What could have been done differently
  • What has also cause problems as a direct result of covid-19
  • How long will the team be dealing with the pandemic
  • What else has caused the team do have such a bad start

How the future looks bright past the clouds

  • Erik Brannstrom possiblities
  • When Filip Gustavsson could stay apart of the line up
  • Is there a ceiling for Jake Sanderson

Thank you

I enjoyed the fun chat with DB and Scott about how important it is to rest goaltenders during the long season. As well to Graeme and Ross wow, I think I was lost by the end of that chat at the depth of their Senators analysis. Fantastic!

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