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Dec 7, 2021

In this Episode, we dive deep into the coaching changes in Philadelphia and Vancouver, how well the Florida Panthers are playing and the big New Jersey Devils resigning of Jack Hughes.


David Dwork – Covers the Florida Panthers @WPLGLocal10 and on the podcast @ChirpingTheCats. @DavidDwork
Robert Aitken Jr. – Sportswriter at North Jersey and The Record Sports @RobertAitkenJr
Jason Myrtetus – Covers the Philadelphia Flyers, and is on the pre/intermission and post game show.  @jasonmyrt
Adam Kimelman – Deputy managing editor @NHLAdamK

Trending Now: Hot Panthers (2:03)

David Dwork joins to discuss:

  • Does Aaron Ekblad deserve to be in the Norris conversation
  • Why are the Panthers better this year

Trending Now: Money Jack Hughes (2:03)

Robert Aitken Jr explains:

  • When will Jack Hughes live up to his new contract
  • What is Hughes potential

Trending Now: Jason Spezza (2:03)

Both David Dwork and Robert Aitken Jr breakdown:

  • How long should Jason Spezza get suspended for
  • When will the NHL crack down on dirty plays

Team Iso: Philadelphia Flyers (25:48)

Adam Kimelman and Jason Myrtetus open up about:

  • What could have head coach Alain Vigneault done differently
  • Can new interim head coach Mike Yeo become the official coach
  • Where can the Flyers get more scoring from
  • When and who could get traded

Thank you

I’d like to thank guests Adam and Jason for really getting into the real problems with the Flyers, as well letting the broad street fans know to hold off of any big trade changes. Thanks to David for always having time to jump on the show, and for Robert to have plenty to say including the old guard on coaches.


Our poignant Kyle Beach vs The Chicago Blackhawks, and Maple Leafs’ Marner is in his head episode.

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