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Aug 5, 2021

In this episode, we discuss the biggest trades and signings of NHL free agency. We’ve got


Brooke LoFurno – Covers the Blackhawks for The Hockey Writers. @brooke_lofo
Logan Mullen – Covers the Bruins for NESN, and is 1/3 of the NESN Bruins Podcast. @ByLoganMullen
Rob Del Mundo – Leafs reporter for The Fischler Report. @Rob_DelMundo

NHL 2021 Free Agency: Maple Leafs and Bruins

Logan Mullen and Rob Del Mundo join the show this week to discuss:

  • How long is General Manager Kyle Dubas’s leash now
  • Can the Leafs actually contend and go deep with this core
  • Is the tandem of Petr Mrazek and Jack Campbell a capable duo for a contending team
  • Is Linus Ullmark worth a 4 year deal at 5 million
  • Does that mean the window for Tuukka Rask to return slim
  • Was Bringing back Taylor Hall the right move
  • What will Bruins remember about David Krejci

NHL 2021 Free Agency: Blackhawks

Brooke LoFurno join the show this week to discuss:

  • How much does Seth Jones make Chicago better
  • Does Marc-Andre Fleury want to play for the Blackhawks
  • With all the changes, can this new team come together to build a playoff team


Rob Del Mundo’s books are available everywhere including Chapters.

Hockey Enforcers: A dying breed by Rob Del Mundo

Thanks to our guests this week, Brooke LoFurno for all her help with previous stories. Logan Mullen’s knowledge on the Bruins is very deep, and Rob Del Mundo’s books with some interesting history in hockey.

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