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Jul 23, 2021

In this episode, we talk all things Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft, from the day that was to some of the players added. We’ll touch base on what could have been with Carey Price as well the Shea Weber news.


John Barr – Helped bring Kraken to Seattle @NHLtoSeattle
Ian Boivert – Covers the Canadiens at Rabid Habs and the Nosebleedscast. @MaybeItsIan

Trending Now: Expansion Draft (1:24)

John Barr and Ian Boisvert join to discuss all things Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft:

  • How the Expansion Draft event was
  • What’s the plan with Mark Giordano
  • Which players on the Kraken should Seattle fans enjoy
  • Were there players that GM Ron Francis missed out on
  • How close were they to selecting Carey Price

Trending Now: Habs (1:24)

Ian brings up for Montreal Canadiens:

  • What Cale Fleury brings to Seattle
  • The Shea Weber Injury Situation

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  • NHL Entry Draft
  • NHL Free Agency


John Barr’s recent blog: Live from the draft

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