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May 5, 2021

In this episode we preview the NHL playoffs, and give our predictions as to who will make it out of each division. We cover NHL's decision on the Tom Wilson Fiasco. In Team Iso we talk Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers, who could be taken by the Seattle Kraken, and their future.


Tyler Kasch - Talks hockey on the 4th Line Goon Podcast. @TheTylerKasch
Anthony SanFilippo - Flyers writer for Crossing Broad and a Co-Host of the SnowTheGoalie podcast. @AntSanPhilly
Nick Gismondi - Co-Host of Blackhawks live on WGN radio 720. @NickGismondi

Trending Now : (1:31)

Tyler Kasch joins to chat:

  • Which NHL teams will win their divisions in the NHL playoffs
  • Central: Florida Panthers
  • North: Toronto Maple Leafs
  • As well who could be sneaky underdog picks during the NHL playoffs
Tom Wilson's Suspension History
  • Tom Wilson Fiasco: What kind of penalty fine should he have gotten
  • Tom Wilson Fiasco: What the reprecussions the league will face for their light actions
  • Tom Wilson Fiasco: What the league will do regarding the New York Rangers statement

Bonus: We chat When will the 2021 NHL playoffs even start.

Team ISO : Philadelphia Flyers (33:54)

Anthony SanFilippo joins to breakdown the season and future of Flyers.

  • Carter Hart isn't Vezina trophy material
  • What will their goaltending look moving forward
  • Who will the Seattle Kraken take from the Flyers in the Expansion Draft
  • What the Flyers might offer in a deal with the Kraken
  • How Joel Farabee's season went and how his career might project

Team ISO : Chicago Blackhawks (53:40)

Nick Gismondi joins to breakdown the season and future of Blackhawks.

  • Nick nailed how the Blackhawks would fight for a playoff spot with his solid prediction.

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