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Jablam Sports Hockey

Dec 30, 2020

In the first episode for season 6, we go all-in on World Juniors 2021.

  • For Team Sweden, we'll talk to Uffe Bodin about the Twins Raymond and Holtz.
  • For Team Finland. we have Sami Hoffren joining us to talk about Anton Lundell and those Leafs prospects.
  • We've got Dylan Galloway to tell you about Byfield and who he thinks could get drafted high on Team USA.
  • For Trending now we have Sens trade talk with Colin Cudmore

Trending Now (1:41)

Colin Cudmore - @CudmoreColin - Writer for @SilverSevenSens - charting @SensCharts

We talk:

  • Prediction: Sens will end up near the bottom of the North Division
  • Sens fractured fan base and management want to make mostly cost-cutting moves
  • Poor trades in Stepan and Coburn / Paquette (links included from TSN)
  • The Future is almost here - Stutzle looks like he could be the next Patrick Kane
  • TSN's Article to Tim Stutzle's new contract

Team Sweden (16:16)

Uffe Bodin - @UffeBodin - Editor in chief @hockeysverige / @esmghq - podcast: @NHLtimmen

We talk :

  • Why do people call Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz the Twins (aka Terror Twins)
  • How steady does Captain Philip Broberg look
  • What type of sniper Noel Gunler is
  • Who will jump to the NHL this season from Team Sweden's junior team

Team Finland (31:02)

Sami Hoffren - @shoffren - Hockey writer for @iltasanomat & @Urheilulehti

We talk :

  • How dominant Anton Lundell is, and how he resembles Brayden Schenn
  • What Topi Niemela has to work on for the smaller ice surface in North America
  • Where Roni Hirvonen would fit in an NHL line-up
  • How Sens' prospect Roby Jarventie has fallen a step
  • What's going on with top prospect Aatu Raty?

Beniers and Byfield (48:58)

Dylan Galloway - @dylangalloway_ - Head Scout of Eastern Canada for @FCHockey

  • Could Matthew Beniers be drafted in the top 5 for the NHL 2021 Entry Draft?
  • What intrigues people the most about Beniers
  • Why are people upset and why is Quinton Byfield not putting up points
  • What type of player is Byfield and what is his potential

Thank you to all the listeners, enjoy our 6th season.

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