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Jablam Sports Hockey

Nov 3, 2020

In this season finale episode Peter @Russian98 and Logan @Hogey99 talk about the Meyer-Crothers / Miller situation with the Coyotes, OHL not having body-checking in the upcoming season and they tell you their least and most favourite things about 2020.

Topics :

Least and Most favourite things about 2020 : (1:26)

Least Favourite - Logan's - limbo Peter's - dad's health

Most Favourite - Logan and Peter's the wild August of all sports!

Meyer-Crothers / Miller situation with the Coyotes : (13:30)

Arizona Coyotes top draft pick was convicted for bullying Black teen with disabilities - From

What were the Coyotes thinking when they drafted Mitchell Miller? - From

Mitchell Miller no longer part of University of North Dakota hockey team - From

No Body-Checking in the OHL : (24:04)

No bodychecking will be allowed in upcoming OHL season - From

Thank you to all the listeners for another great season.

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