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Jablam Sports Hockey

Oct 21, 2020

In this special NHL21 episode; we've got the one and
only James Cybulski, yes the voice of EA Sports' NHL21, We'll talk to Joshua Kloke from the Athletic about Leaf's Dubas's busy off-season moves so far, and finish with talking to Thrash about playing NHL21 and it's new features.

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NHL21  – (1:36) – James Cybulski - @JamesCybulski - The Play-by-Play voice of NHL20 and NHL21. The Host of The Starting Lineup, on Sportsnet 650 Vancouver.

We discuss how he got the gig to be the new voice of the game last year, the hours it takes to make the new "Be A Pro" mode, Which guests there are in this year's game, and which ones he'd love to join him. He also talks about his favourite lines in the game, working with Snoop Dogg, and finally getting the answer of who is Gillies Laveque?

Guests :

Maple Leafs (34:25) – Joshua Kloke - @Joshua Kloke - Staff Writer for @TheAthleticTO covering the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Joshua tells you who the Leafs 1st round pick Rodion Amirov is, what they lost in trading away Kasperi Kapanen and Andres Johnsson. We discuss if the Leafs Defence is better with the new additions and what TJ Brodie brings to the blue-line. As well how the contracts of Travis Dermott and Ilya Mikheyev might look like and it the team still has anymore moves to make to get under the salary cap.

NHL21 Gamer (52:43) - Thrash - @Thrash94Gaming - Twitch Partner & YouTuber. Check out his new Youtube "Be A Pro" series, Thrash94 Gaming, and on Twitch Thrash94Gaming.

Thrash joins the show to tell us all about being in the "First Look" Tournament made by the NHL, about being in the "Gamechangers" program, and how he lost in the tournament. He tells you his favourite deke, game modes, and how the new "Be A Pro" and "HUT Rush" works.

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