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Jablam Sports Hockey

Oct 1, 2020

In Today's episode, we'll talk all about the Lightning winning the Cup, how they're celebrating, how drunk Kucherov is, and who deserved to win the Conn Smythe, and for both Dallas and Tampa round up the series and talk about what this off-season will entail for both of them, in particular, their Free Agents hmm. 

Trending Now : (1:29)

Logan @Hogey99 and I @Russian98 talk about Lightning winning the Stanley Cup.

How much Peter enjoys Sportsnet's Final Playoffs NHL Montage Video.

Then go over the NHL Award Winners. (Sporting News Article)


Guests :


Stars – (13:40) – Taylor Baird - @TaylorDBaird - She's the Managing Editor at Defending Big D.

We discuss Dallas's play in the Finals and what the difference was between that series and the previous ones. Taylor tells you Heiskanen's ceiling by which hockey great he could become in her opinion, and what moves might the team make during the offseason (is Khudobin coming back?)


Taylor's recent article pertaining to Stars's potential off-season.


Lightning (28:37) - Justin Godfrey - @TorchRamrod - an editor at @RawCharge, or course apart of the SB Nation. 


Justin and I talk about how drunk Kucherov is right now, the different the on-ice celebration was, and how the boat parade went. Then we chat more about the Cox/Goodrow tweets, who also deserved to win the Conn Smythe and who needs to be resigned, and what contracts including Killorn's could be shipped out.


Raw Charge lets you know what champion merch is available here.

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