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Jablam Sports Hockey

Nov 29, 2018

In This Episode, Logan @Hogey99 joins Peter @russian98 to talk more about Nylander, Weber, and Matthews coming back into each other's teams' line up. They finish the show with a Friendly Bet and a Mailbag question. We also have Laura for this week's Team Iso to talk St.Louis Blues.

Team ISO: St.Louis Blues

with Laura @HildyMac stopping by to talk about Coach Yeo getting fired, O'Reilly, playing well, and what's going on with that Defence and Goaltending. We analyze the Blues chances this year, what their current roster looks like with their newest additions. We look to their future and discuss potential with their prospects.

Junior Hockey update

We've also got some Junior Hockey update in the OHL with Brock @BrockOtten talking Top OHL players.

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