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Jablam Sports Hockey

Nov 16, 2018

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 is joined by Logan @Hogey99 to talk about all things trending the past 2 weeks in the NHL! Eric Poole comes on to talk about his Hockey Art, and Hayden Socoleski assists you with some fantasy hockey help.

We also kick-start our Friendly Bets segment, with the lads going head to head on some predictions for next week. We also answer some of your burning questions in our first installment of Jablam Mailbag.

We have a special guest Eric Poole @Epoole88 who's designed some great Sports Art, including Hockey Art. Please follow him on Twitter and Instagram to see his amazing art.

We also welcome Hayden Soboleski @soboleskih to talk Fantasy Up and Down as we talk fantasy hockey. Hayden is the Senior Associate Editor for DobberProspects. We'll talk about who to add, drop-in NHL Fantasy Hockey. 

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