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Mar 4, 2018

In this Post Trade Deadline 2018 episode; hosts Peter Bojarinov ( @russian98 ) and Conner Rowntree ( @TheSportTree ) Grade the top 10 biggest trades from the Deadline, chat about Seattle’s ticket drive, Roberto Luongo’s Parkland speech, and some Maple Leafs.

We go to our Team Bloggers and ask them how the big trades are impacting their team.

Trade Deadline 2018 Interviews

Kelly @Hinx - Mrazek Addition for the flyers - 40:20

Mark Warner @VegasHockeyPod - Vegas Adds Tatar - 47:30

Ian Reid @IanBlogsHockey - Kane goes to the Sharks - 54:40

Acha @tanyarezak from Raw Charge - Lightning added McDonagh - 59:12

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