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Jablam Sports Hockey

Dec 30, 2015

In this episode we talk about Marchand getting slapped with a 3 game suspension, Team ISO: Toronto Maple Leafs and chat about other countries that are stepping right over Team Canada now at the World Juniors. Check out our website at

Dec 24, 2015

We get back into it with Hockey team Christmas songs, Team Iso: Winnipeg Jets, and talk up some World Juniors (who to look out for). Check out our website at

Dec 5, 2015

Paul and Peter discuss how they feel about John Scott leading in All-Star voting, they give you their report cards on the Penguins and Leafs, then Team Iso: Carolina Hurricanes and introduce the “Nickname Maker” segment, where peter makes up new nicknames on the spot. Check out our website at 

Dec 2, 2015

We make the quarter mark season awards talk about the top of the Forbes list and about the Dubinsky suspension. Check out our website at